Read the instructions carefully before you begin "Online Exam Form Submission"
1. Dropout candidates are requested to collect their ROLL NO from their respective college.
2. In case, if you are unable to apply online, please visit the college for assistance.
3. Online examination form for student's will be available from 11/03/2017.
4. The online form may be rejected by the college authority, if required criteria are not fulfilled. (e.g. attendance, absent in sessional examination etc.)
5. Your Login ID and Password will be sent on your registered mobile number.
6. Student should deposit their FEE in their respective college.
7. Please do not enter any special/control characters like (, - # @ $ % | & ^) in exam form.
8. Subject Combination for 2nd Semester. Click Here
9. Subject Combination for 4th Semester. Click Here
10. Subject Combination for 6th Semester. Click Here
11. Student's Help Line No.  9619452109 / 7738781743
12. Only Principals are requested to contact Academic Registrar,if requried.
13. Please tick the checkbox if you agree with the above instructions and click on the 'Proceed' button for online exam form submission.

                              I confirm that I have read all the instructions carefully.

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